Our Key Ministry Development and Media Projects

Ministry Development

Approx. 180 churches in HK (15% of the total no. of churches in HK) regularly run Alpha. As we are committed to serving our church partners in their missions & outreach objectives, we provide training for the church Alpha teams and consulting services for the leadership to helo them develop and strengthen their evangelism strategy.

Furthermore, we host AlphaAnywhere trainings in churches in order to mobilise & equip more brothers & sisters to use Alpha to bring the Gospel from the church into their daily life contexts, including the workplace and campus, so that the church can expand its ministry into every part of our city.

2018 Goal:
40 Trainings & events;
1,200 Administrators & leaders trained;
600 Alphas
12,000 Participants

Budget: HK$610,000

We have been working closely with some key Campus Crusade leaders to serve in the campus. As we see more & more ministry staff & students from many different campuses run Alpha, we will continue provide support and organise “Joint Campus AlphaAnywhere Retreats” together with the Campus Alpha teams.

Going forward, we are hoping to build partnerships with several key churches in order to mobilise their members to serve & support campus ministry development on the frontlines.

Another key partnership is with the Lui Ming Choi Foundation. In the past academic year, we supported & equipped 5 school & 1 kindergarten to run Alpha and The Parenting Children Course. We will continue to work closely with the Foundation , providing training & consultation for the schools, and build effective evangelism strategy for each school

2018 Budget: HK$370,000

Our Workplace Alpha ministry is called SPARK – a movement that gathers, empowers, and releases every Christian to bring God’s kingdom into the marketplace. In 2017, the number of Workplace Alphas grew by 48% and were being run in different parts of HK and in many industries, such as banking, finance, accounting, catering, entertainment, manufacturing and service.

We have been focusing on developing 5 “Regional SPARK Communities” and equipping Alpha Pioneers to be regional coordinators and Workplace Alpha trainers, so that more leaders can get involved in the movement at a grass roots level. Each of the RSCs is committed to gathering monthly to walk together and to grow the SPARK movement in their districts.

Moreover, we have been working closely with some church partners in order to mobilise their members for marketplace missions. Through AlphaAnywhere workshops and roadshows, the church members can be equipped with the tools they need to share their faith with their colleagues, and empowered to get involved in the Great Commission in their daily lives.

2018 Budget: HK$690,000


Through our marriage & parenting ministry, we want to see every marriage & family in HK empowered with the tool & support they need to be healthy & thrive.

We will continue to host trainings & events at churches, schools and NGOs to equip their leaders to develop a family ministry for their own communities through The Marriage & Parenting Courses. The courses are proven pre-evangelistic tools, which open a door for the church to reach out to families & communities, while also meeting today’s social needs.

Also we will produce and publish online a new set of Parenting Courses Training videos, so course administrators and the leadership can equip their teams more effectively.

2018 Goal:
5 Trainings & Events
200 Leaders & facilitators trained
130 Marriage & Parenting Courses
2,500 Participants

Budget: HK$440,000

In response to a huge need for marriage and family support services, we have been partnering with church and social service organisations in Guangdong to operate “Community-based Family Life Training Centres” in Guangdong cities, such as Jiangmen and Zhongshan. Following the “train-the-trainers” principle, we equipped local leaders to become Marriage & Parenting Course Instructors, who are able to train leaders from local churches & social service centres to serve their communities through The Marriage & Parenting Courses. Our strategy enables families & communities in China to experience God’s love & transformation, while also opening the door for the Gospel.

We will continue to equip & mobilise leaders, and oversee the development of our Marriage & Parenting ministry in China through the Family Life Training Centres.

2018 Goal:
4 Trainings & Events
50 Facilitators & leaders trained
70 Marriage & Parenting Courses
1,400 Participants

Budget: HK$280,000

Production, Systems and Marking

We produce innovative, culturally relevant multimedia testimony videos to reach Cantonese-speakers in Hong Kong and around the world.
New Alpha & Family Life Training Videos will also be launched this year for Alpha / Family Life leaders to equip their teams easily and efficiently.
This includes the Mandarin dubbing productions of the Alpha Series and Alpha NextGen Series, and the rebrand of The Marriage Course with Cantonese voiceover. We will also produce and publish a new Alpha Team Training Guide.
To publish locally relevant multimedia content on social media platforms to encourage non-believers to try Alpha and Christians to run Alpha.
We continue to enhance online user experience through effective online content management and website & social media analytics. We are preparing to provide online user support on our website through a live chat function tab.