Ministry Development

We provide consulting services, training and solutions to church leaders to achieve their church outreach goals through Alpha.
This year, we are going to organise altogether 38 Alpha trainings & events, where 1,000 facilitators will be trained. In Hong Kong this year, we aim to see 500 Alphas happen in churches, campuses/schools and the workplace, participated by 11,000 people.
Through our established strategic partnerships with major campus ministries in Hong Kong, we will work closely with the campus/school Christian leaders to mobilise campus evangelism through Alpha. We will host Joint-campus Alpha Retreats for the Campus AlphaAnywhere groups.
Our workplace ministry aims to empower Christians with simple and effective tools to be a missionary in the largest and most strategic mission field in Hong Kong – the workplace. For those of us who live in urban centers like Hong Kong, the most critical harvest is not found in the “10-40 window”, but in the “9 to 5 window”!
As we established the 1st Workplace Alpha Core Team last year, we will continue to grow and strengthen a few District Workplace Alpha Networks for mobilising marketplace evangelism through Alpha. The 2nd SPARK Conference will be held in July this year.

We believe that healthy and loving family relationships is a key to strong society. Therefore, we hope to see in Hong Kong every marriage & family in HK empowered with the tools & support they need to be healthy and thrive.
This year we are going to organise 5 Family Life training events in Hong Kong that will equip 50 facilitators. Our goal is to see 70 Family Life Courses that will serve 1,500 people in Hong Kong this year.
A Community-based Family Life Training and Resource Centre is being set up in Zhongshan, Guangdong this year. Alpha Hong Kong, together with a strategic church partner in
Guangdong, will equip 50 Family Life Instructors, who are able to train church & NGO leaders in Guangdong to reach out to local communities using the Family Life Series.
As we planned to host 4 training events in Guangdong this year, we foresee that at least 70 Family Life Courses will take place and served 1,400 participants.

Production, Systems and Marking

We produce innovative, culturally relevant multimedia testimony videos to reach Cantonese-speakers in Hong Kong and around the world.
New Alpha & Family Life Training Videos will also be launched this year for Alpha / Family Life leaders to equip their teams easily and efficiently.
This includes the Mandarin dubbing productions of the Alpha Series and Alpha NextGen Series, and the rebrand of The Marriage Course with Cantonese voiceover. We will also produce and publish a new Alpha Team Training Guide.
To publish locally relevant multimedia content on social media platforms to encourage non-believers to try Alpha and Christians to run Alpha.
We continue to enhance online user experience through effective online content management and website & social media analytics. We are preparing to provide online user support on our website through a live chat function tab.