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Course Format


Each of the 6 sessions includes teaching from the course leader, group discussion, testimonies, prayer time and optional homework exercise.


The Course is divided into 6 sessions and may be given as a series over 6 weeks, or longer, depending on your individual situation. Each session lasts approximately an hour, although the timings can be adjusted as desired.

Materials & preparation required

To run the Course successfully the leader should read the God at Work book and listen to Ken's talks online. Allow sufficient time to become familiar with the Course material before beginning the Course. Each leader will need a copy of the God at Work Leaders Guide, where the teaching content for the sessions is fully transcribed. Leaders should ensure that each guest has copy of both the guest manual and the God at Work book.

Before preparing the talks, group leaders should listen to the Podcast of each chapter which is available in the God at Work website (godatwork.org.uk/podcast). The leaders' guide also provides useful tips for preparation at the start of each session