What is it?

The God at Work Course is designed for small to mid-sized Christian groups to run in Workplace fellowships or Church Communities. The Course aims to equip people to find purpose in every aspect of their life.

Ken Costa, Chairman of Lazard International was formerly Vice Chairman of UBS. He is also Chairman of Alpha International. Through his 30 years plus career as an Investment Banker, Ken is uniquely qualified to write on how we as Christians can face the challenges of the workplace.

Ken presents God at Work with a vision to revive individuals to live a fully integrated life marked by personal fulfillment and service to others. This moral spirit enables us to enjoy life, to add value through our work, to enjoy the benefits of financial reward while remaining responsive to the needs of othersˇK.

The God at Work Course consists of 6 sessions entitled:

1. Work Matters
2. Ambition & Life Choices
3. Tough Decisions
4. Stress & Work-Life Balance
5. Failure, Disappointment & Hope
6. Money & Giving