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Every day, we encounter many people in our workplaces, schools or neighbourhood who have been burdened by physical & emotional needs. Many of them may carry a lot of questions about life. Although we can respond by inviting them to church to find God & the meaning of life, it is not always easy for us to bring those people around us to church. 

We believe that every Christian has been called, chosen, and sent by God to give the people around us an opportunity to encounter Jesus in the context of their daily lives. Apart from bringing people around us to church, what we can also do is to bring Jesus & His church to the people, so that every person around us will be able to know Jesus & experience life transformation, right where they’re at! 

教會進入人群! Church on the Go!

透過 AlphaAnywhere,每一位基督徒都可以得到裝備,運用簡單而有效的工具,隨時隨地向身邊的人傳揚神的愛,在他們身處的地方建立基督徒群體。

Through AlphaAnywhere, every Christian is empowered with simple & effective tools to share the love of God with people around them anytime, anywhere, and to build Christian communities around them.

What is Alpha? Click here to know more

AlphaAnywhere 運動是甚麼?按此了解更多
What is the AlphaAnywhere Movement? Click here to learn more

基甸與300勇士 Gideon & 300 Men

當基甸與 300 位勇士願意謙卑自己,為主獻上,神就讓他們在爭戰中得勝,更扭轉了整個民族的命運!(士師記6-8章)

我們需要你持續的支持,讓整個城市得著轉化!與我們同行,成為我們 300 勇士的一份子,一起來見證神為我們的城市成就更偉大更榮耀的事!

When Gideon & his 300 men were willing to be humble and offer themselves to God, God brought them great victory that transformed their whole nation! (Judges 6-8)

We need your continued support to make transformation possible in our city! Partner with us to witness how God accomplish greater wonders & transformation for our city!

你的支持會帶來 Your Support will Help

$300 per month

全年培訓和興起 12 位領袖,舉辦啟發。
Empower & equip 12 leaders in a year to start Alpha.

$1,000 per month

全年培訓和興起 30 位領袖,以美滿婚姻及親子課程轉化家庭。
Empower & equip 30 leaders in a year to transform families using the Marriage & Parenting Courses.

$2,000 per month

一年內讓 180 人透過啟發聽聞福音。
To share the Gospel with 180 people in a year through Alpha.

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    About Your Donation


    你的奉獻會全數用於推動 AlphaAnywhere 運動,不但幫助我們培訓和興起更多基督徒運用啟發在香港各處傳揚福音,也支持我們持續製作多媒體的佈道資源和工具。

    Alpha Course Hong Kong Limited is a charitable organisation and all donations will be exempted from tax under Inland Revenue Ordinance 88 of the HKSAR Government.

    100% of your donation will go towards the work of Alpha HK for mobilising the AlphaAnywhere movement. It will help us equip & empower Christians to share the Gospel anywhere in HK using Alpha, and also enable us to develop new multimedia resources & tools for evangelism.

    About Alpha Hong Kong


    We are a HK-registered and locally-funded NGO that was established in 1999 to equip & serve the local body of Christ in its mission to help people discover and develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Our vision is to see revival in HK, renewal in the local church, and reformation in all of society.

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