Alpha Stories

Cindy YIP’s Story | Hong Kong

Cindy started her career path with a dream job. However, the stress has gradually swallowed her up and her anticipated future seemed to collapse the moment she climbed over that fence…
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Hong LAU’s Story | Hong Kong

I became a Christian on the rugby pitch and I got baptised in the ice bath bucket on rugby pitch, so naturally I wanted to share my journey with the guys closest to me…

William CHE’s Story | Hong Kong

My passion has always been my work, and I used to think making money is the most important thing in life in order to provide for my family and protect them from harm. My company was growing fast, but the more I get in material the more worries and empty I get…
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Bear GRYLLS’ Story

Despite a life characterised by risk, danger and the unknown, it is this exploration of faith that he describes as his ‘greatest adventure’.
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