Rev. Paul Kwong
Archbishop of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui

“Many Chinese churches of different denominations here in Hong Kong have found that Alpha for many years to be an effective evangelism tool. It is an effective evangelization tool for reaching out to people and helping
them to understand the Christian faith.”

Cardinal John Tong Hon
Cardinal of Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong

“Alpha draws in thousands of people who know nothing about Christianity and many baptized Catholics who want to explore the religion again.”

Pastor Li Bing Kwong
Former Chairman of The Methodist Church

“Alpha is well received by churches and greatly used by God. Through casual dining, frank discussions and friendship building, non-believers have the chance to decide whether to commit to Christ or not. This way of preaching is proven to be highly effective. I sincerely hope that more churches will adopt this approach to evangelism.”

Rev. Bob Lo
Lead Pastor of Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong

“Through Alpha, churches can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with non-believers in a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. This is when Alpha becomes most effective especially in a city where people struggle with stress and lack of mutual trust.”

Rev. Dr. Peter Lam
Senior Pastor of E.E.F.C. Kong Fok Church

“Our brothers & sisters found that the message in Alpha is relevant to their lives, so they are willing to share their faith experience eagerly and honestly during each discussion. For those who have experienced found a great new platform in sharing the gospel, more and more of them are willing to step forward to commit themselves to the ministry.”

Rev. Philip Teng

“We’ve seen waves of gospel movements throughout church history. I believe Alpha is the next that God will bless greatly in Hong Kong in gospel ministry.”

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