Alpha Cantonese Teen Series (ACTS)

Alpha Cantonese Teen Series (“ACTS”) is an engaging video series exploring timeless questions about life, faith and Jesus for a new generation. We believe ACTS will be a powerful tool for churches and schools to reach the youth, occupying a unique position in Hong Kong where there is no other comparable gospel media tool customized for local students.

Come join us to take a sneak peek of ACTS and partner with us in this significant work of God to bring revival and transformation to our city and beyond!

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300 Campaign

Through the “300 Campaign“, we hope to recruit 300 partners to donate monthly, which will enable us to empower & equip more Christian leaders from every church, marketplace, campus & family to bring the love of God & Christian communities into every life context using Alpha. Our hope is to see every person in HK have an opportunity to hear the Gospel & experience transformation, right where they’re at! 

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