Who are we?

Alpha HK (AHK) is a HK-registered and locally-funded NGO that was established in 1999 to equip & serve the local body of Christ in its mission to help people discover and develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Our vision is to see revival in HK, renewal in the local church, and reformation in all of society.

What do we do?

AHK provides consulting services, training and solutions to Christian leaders in the church, workplace, campus, and home to help them achieve their ministry goals & objectives. We also produce locally a wide range of innovative, culturally relevant multimedia tools & resources to reach Cantonese-speakers in Hong Kong and around the world... for FREE!

Our Needs

Our total budget for the year 2018 is HK$ 6 million. A significant portion of our expenditure is on the production of Alpha resources / videos and enhancement of our online platform. Another major part is on Alpha ministries - providing consulting services & training for leaders in the church, workplace & campus.

2018 fundraising progress