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SPARK Alpha Workplace Conference 2017 【Register】

什麼是SPARK? SPARK 作為一場職場宣教運動,渴望連結在職場和教會的領袖,一起構思如何同心將神的國度帶到職場當中。 為何舉辦SPARK特會? ‘SPARK 特會’ 的目的就是要燃起我們的職場宣教之火,透過連結心志相同的朋友、賦予簡單而有效的工具,在神所安排我們生活的各處 , 動員大家引發復興和轉化。   What is SPARK? SPARK is a movement that gathers, empowers, and releases every Christian to bring God’s kingdom into the…

【SPARK】Alpha Workplace Conference

5.11.2016 SAT // 2pm-5pm. Light a Fire in the Workplace. The SPARK Alpha Workplace Conference 2016 draws marketplace Christians and ministry leaders together to envision how we could collaboratively bring God’s…

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