God at Work Book (English)

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《God at Work》

Revised and updated, this new edition that has helped many professionals find purpose at work. Ken Costa speaks of his own struggles with ambition, money and relationships. Using biblical principles, he offers practical advice on work-life balance, stress, failure and disappointment.
As an investment banker in the City of London, Ken Costa has read The Financial Times and the Bible almost every day for thirty years. Yet, there is a widespread view that God and business just do not mix. To Ken Costa, the God who created and sustains the world is also the God of the workplace. If the Christian faith is not relevant to the workplace, it’s not relevant at all. Chapters include: Work Matters; Ambition and life choices; Tough decisions; Work-life balance; Stress; Failure, disappointment, hope; Money and giving; Spiritual renewal
Author: Previously Chairman of Lazard International, Ken Costa has been an investment banker in the City of London for over thirty years. He now runs his own company to advise international clients on strategic financial affairs. Ken studied philosophy and law at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa and went on to study law and theology at the University of Cambridge. He is Gresham Professor of Commerce in the City of London, where he lectures on rebuilding the trust economy following the recent financial crisis. He is also Chairman of the London Connection, an initiative founded by the Bishop of London to reconnect business and ethics in the wake of the St Paul’s protest.