Why Run Alpha Online?

Dear friend, 
Over 326 Alphas have been registered. More than a half are Alpha Online.
Thousands of leaders have found Alpha online or in small groups has helped mobilize their church and engage their community during COVID-19 restrictions.
In the midst of juggling priorities, the thought of adding anything new can feel overwhelming. We understand. At the same time, in this season of uncertainty, people are asking the big questions of life like never before and looking to the church for answers. So how do we engage in conversation with them?
Leaders who’ve run Alpha online have found that it can be mobilized quickly with minimal resources. Not only that, but guests who would never come to Alpha in person are showing up to Alpha online…and staying! 
If running Alpha online sparks your interest, it’s not too late to plan an Alpha for this Fall! We’ve created resources to help you along the way including:
  • Why Run Alpha Online videos  
  • Guide to Run Alpha Online & Good Practice for Leaders 
  • Coaching with an Alpha Hong Kong team member  
Please register your Alpha, everything you need to run Alpha is available online and free to download at MyAlpha platform. To find out more about the tools and resources available to you or to talk to a team member, visit here.
In Christ,  
The Alpha Hong Kong Team