Catch the Fire! // Alpha Hong Kong // E-News August 2017

Greetings from the Executive Director

Dear Friends & Partners,

Greetings from Alpha Hong Kong!

Since our first SPARK Alpha Workplace Conference in November of last year, we have been so blessed to witness the Lord Himself starting to accelerate and multiply our work in the marketplace in many new and unexpected ways!

In just the past 6 months, we have seen more & more Christians awakened to their calling as marketplace missionaries, more & more Alpha leaders offering their own time, experience & resources to serve & support Christians in other companies and industries to launch their first-ever Workplace Alpha, and more & more regional SPARK teams beginning to form to strengthen the movement in key commercial districts. Praise the Lord for all that He’s doing!

Building on this divine momentum, we recently finished hosting our second-ever SPARK Conference. During the conference, we connected, envisioned, and empowered approx. 500 marketplace leaders & pastors to be His “flames of fire” (Hebrews 1:7) in the marketplace. Our hope is that these 500 would not only “Catch the Fire”, but also continue to SPREAD the fire to all those that God has placed around them!

As you can see, this is an exciting “kairos” time for the marketplace in HK, but as Jesus states in Matthew 9:37, “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few”. So, please join us in praying fervently to the Lord of this huge & strategic harvest, that He would ignite many more of His people (including yourself! ?) throughout this city with a burning passion for marketplace revival & transformation! Hallelujah & Amen!


For His name and glory,

Jason Young

Executive Director

Alpha Hong Kong


Alpha Workplace Conference SPARKs a New Marketplace Missions Movement

Approximately 500 participants from 50 industries and 18 districts of Hong Kong gathered at the SPARK Alpha Workplace Conference on July 14-15 at EFCC Kong Fok Church. SPARK is a movement that gathers, empowers, and releases every Christian to bring God’s kingdom into the marketplace.

In order to better mobilize churches to embrace the vision of marketplace missions, Alpha HK hosted the “SPARK Pastors Luncheon” especially for church leaders on July 11, with 58 pastors/leaders from 30 churches joining. After the Luncheon, more than half of the pastors/leaders expressed interest in visiting district SPARK groups to know more about workplace ministry on the frontlines.

Please share the following media & resources from SPARK Conference 2017 in your network so more people can get involved and be blessed.

Click to View the Press Release | Click to View the Highlight Video |  Click to view the Snapshots

Click to View the Keynote Sessions & Workshops:

Keynote 1 – Rev. Lawance Chan

Keynote 2 – Mr. Stephen Wong

Workshop 1 – How to start an Alpha in the workplace  | Download Workshop 1 PPT

Workshop 2 – What’s next after Alpha | Download Workshop 2 PPT

Workshop 3 – Church & the Marketplace: How to Bridge the Gap?

Closing Session: The SPARK Journey


Have you registered your Alpha for 2017?

Thanks so much to the hundreds of churches, organizations and individuals who registered their Alphas with us this year! By registering your Alpha, you are able to:
1. Receive 10% discount when purchasing course materials
2. Get free access to all the Alpha Videos, Training Videos, and latest Materials and Tools
3. Get free access to the latest Promotional Material templates that can be adapted for your particular Alpha
4. Be reached by the Alpha HK Team, so that we can provide consultation and support during the process of running your Alpha. We will also keep you in our prayers.
5. Choose to promote your Alpha to thousands of people via our website and social media channels, resulting in increased guest attendance.
6. Help the Alpha HK Team to develop & improve our support services and training tools to better fit the needs of our partners
7. Find out about nearby Alphas, so that you can connect and network with other partners to share and enhance your resources, e.g. coordinating joint Alpha Retreats

If you are running one of our courses in 2017, such as Alpha, Alpha in the Workplace, Youth Alpha, Senior Alpha, The Marriage Course, The Marriage Preparation Course, Parenting Children Course or The Parenting Teenagers Course, please take a few minutes today to register your course with us. If you are running multiple courses in 2017, please register each course separately.


How can I support the SPARK movement?

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our donors and partners for their generous support, which made it possible for us to host such a successful SPARK Conference.

After the conference, we will be focused on growing District SPARK teams so that the SPARK movement can make a deeper and more sustainable impact across Hong Kong. As we are doing this, we will need the grace of God and your continued support more than ever before.

Our 2017 budget for workplace ministry is HK$600,000, which will fund various District SPARK events, Joint Workplace AlphaAnywhere Retreats, Workplace Alpha trainings and consultations. We would like to invite you to consider supporting our work so that the largest mission field of our city, the marketplace, can experience even greater revival & transformation for His glory.

Here are some of the ways you can take part in the SPARK movement –

• Share the vision of SPARK to Christians around you
• Pray fervently for District SPARK teams in the Central/Western, Yau Tsim Mong, Kwun Tong, Eastern and Wanchai Districts
• Serve at or host an Alpha at/near your workplace
• Regularly attend a District SPARK Gathering

Thank you so much for walking with us! We pray for great blessings and strength upon you as you continue to be the salt and the light for Him wherever you go!


Half-Year Review 2017