Continental Diamond x Alpha Hong Kong: Fishers of Men – Blessing Collection

Continental Diamond x Alpha Hong Kong is delighted to launch a new collection of jewellery called Blessing Collection. 

Partial sales proceeds will go to Alpha HK to help people discover a relationship with Jesus.

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Here is the story that inspired the new collection of jewellery. 

“God Makes Us Fishers of Men”

My name is Vicki and I have been a Christian for many years. Alpha marked a special turning point in my faith as I experienced the love of Jesus during the Alpha retreat. I’m also deeply thankful to the wonderful bible study group that was formed from my Alpha group 7 years ago. 

A few months ago, I was organizing a birthday lunch for one of the members, Katherine, and I had volunteered to prepare the birthday card, since I like to draw. I suddenly had an image of a fish, like a series of light blue fish on a white wallpaper. It didn’t look like the kind of fish I usually drew; in fact, it looked a bit like the alpha of the Greek alphabet: “a”. I wondered if it meant the Alpha course.

The leader of my bible study group, Esther, is very passionate about Alpha. She told me that Alpha HK is fundraising for a new video series tailored for the Cantonese youth, called Alpha Cantonese Teen Series (“ACTS”). That was close to my heart as my 12-year-old daughter goes to Island ECC’s youth group, which was also running a Youth Alpha, and I have been very concerned about what the Hong Kong youth have been going through in recent times.

I run a fine jewelry shop and I felt very blessed that my family remained healthy and well, despite 2020 being a challenging year. My husband suggested introducing a charity aspect to the sales event I was organizing for the shop. I really wanted to give back to the society and I decided that the proceeds from the sales event would go to Alpha HK.

The story doesn’t end there. That week it was Katherine’s birthday lunch. Katherine saw the fish I drew on her card and she said it was actually a fish image she had always really liked. Knowing my profession, she asked if I could make her a bracelet using this fish image. Three weeks later, I showed her the first sample of the bracelet. 

Fish is very symbolic in the Bible. 

Jesus said in Matthew 4:19, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”  I had always wondered how to connect my work in fine jewelry to being a Christian. Many years ago, Alpha was what brought me my first authentic Christian community. And God used this group to lead me to integrate faith into my profession. It’s like a full circle. I decided, with Katherine’s blessing, to develop a new line of jewelry called “Fishers of Men – Blessing Collection”, and donate the partial sales proceeds to Alpha HK. It is my hope that whoever receives the bracelet will know the good news of Christ.