Over 1 million couples in more than 127 countries have experienced The Marriage Course.

What is The Marriage Course?

The Marriage Course is an easy-to-run, practical seven-session course designed to support couples looking for practical support to strengthen their relationship. No expertise is needed to run the course. You may have experience working on your own marriage, or you are passionate to see marriages and family life strengthened in your community.

Key features of The Marriage Course:

  • Videos that can be freely downloaded online, with designated breaks for discussion
  • Leaders guide with clear instructions on how to host your course
  • The format and material works well in a home, larger venue or online
  • Each session is presented in an engaging and accessible way
  • Inclusive and relevant content for any couple, with or without a church background

The Marriage Course Topics:

Strengthening Connection

The Art of Communication

The Impact of Family

Resolving Conflict

The Power of Forgiveness

Good Sex

Love in Action

What does a session look like?

Eat Together

Each session begins with couples eating together. This gives guests a chance to unwind and connect before the sessions episode. It also helps to create the atmosphere of a date.

Watch Episode

The episodes are around 45 minutes in length, with breaks for conversations. Each episode explores a different topic through real experiences, expert insights, and relevant teaching.

Talk Privately

Providing space for couples to have private, intimate conversations is a must for every course. It helps enable couples to engage openly and honestly throughout the session.

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