Alpha in the Workplace

Shining Gods light in the marketplace

The workplace is our mission field. Everyone is looking for answers to life’s biggest questions and that includes the person next to you in the office.

Alpha in the workplace provides you with an opportunity to reach your colleagues with the Good News of Jesus. We watch a video for 30 minutes followed by small group discussion for the remaining 30 minutes. It is simple and powerful.

More than 43 companies and organisations are now running Alpha in workplace all over Hong Kong. Many found faith and many others rededicated their lives to Christ.

SPARK movement

SPARK is a movement that gathers, empowers and releases every Christian to bring Gods kingdom into the marketplace. The SPARK movement started in 2016 and since then, three SPARK conferences were hosted, gathering thousands of marketplace Christians and church leaders to explore workplace transformation strategies.

A lot of new Workplace Alphas were launched in many districts and industries across HK. Through connecting like-minded Christians, SPARK is igniting an unprecedented spiritual movement across many industries and districts.

Alpha online in the workplace

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many people switched to working from home. Alpha Hong Kong rolled out a new way of running Alpha – Alpha online – in conjunction with face-to-face courses. This has effectively mobilised different Christian groups in the workplace to continue the work of the gospel. God was able to turn a crisis into an opportunity for us to bring the Good News to the workplace.

“God has used Alpha powerfully to unite brothers and sisters from different denominations and backgrounds to come together to proclaim the gospel. This work of unity delights the Lord.”

Pastor Francis Chan

Peter’s Story

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