The COVID-19 outbreak has brought unprecedented shaking to the Hong Kong Church, but has also brought an exciting opportunity to share the Good News in new ways. Alpha Hong Kong has made the most of this opportunity to develop a whole new way of running Alpha — Alpha Online (AO)!

A Message from Nicky Gumbel

Vicar of HTBB, Kuala Lumpur Executive Director of Alpha Asia Pacific


“This is not a moment to retreat, it’s a moment to advance because we are seeing that this is probably perhaps the single greatest opportunity for evangelism in the history of the world…
This virus has driven the church out of the building into the digital space and we are seeing amazing fruit…
Most people are spending a large proportion of their time in the digital space. They are desperate for connection; they’ve got big questions and Alpha Online is the tool for the church in this season.

Alpha Online

  • Anywhere

    Break the geographical restrictions

  • Anytime

    Easy to integrate into the daily life context

  • Anyone

    Simple and easy to run

Why Run Alpha online

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Everything you need to run Alpha is available online and free to download so everyone can play a part in seeing lives transformed.

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